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Thursday, 27 February 2014 | 0 Comments

Annyeong and Assalammualaikum guys!! Long time no update le' blog.. i miss this blog so much.. so, what's up? me? just fine but, my heart broken a lil bit.. like seriously, i miss Exo!! their showtime is also finished.. and i was like, so bored! duhh.. school? very good!! i like my class, cause its so fun!but still, i miss the berjayarians :') hmmm,, what else that i wanna tell? ohyeah! i bought this shirt, wanna know what shirt? this shirt..

yeah, that shirt.. the shirt where exo use at Golden Disk Award.. i cant wait it.. i was like sooooooooo, freakin happy.. like Vanoss said : ' Flap your wings, baby!! ' heheh XD so, i think just that all.. wanna checkout my penpal and then sleep.. annyeong, Assalammualaikum

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