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i hate them!!
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 | 0 Comments

so lets talk about the title..
who is "them"? you will know who are them in the end of this post..
ok, in my pervious post, i talk about the open class right??
this is what happen after it..
so, after eating, we directly study..
and it's among my favourite period..
KHB.. we've three period of it..
two period before recess, and one period again after recess..
because of something that not finish..
we don't recess..
i tell the teacher to give us some time for praying asar..
so, we go to the surau..

accidentally, there is some 1C students praying too.. and they are BOYS!!
they making noise by laughing so loud..
that is seriously annoying.. until i'm seriously mad, and shout at them: woi, bising bah..
and they still laughing..
in the surau, there is a curtain, to devide the boys and the girls..
one of them pull the curtain, and i shout again: WOI!! KNAPA BAH NIIII!! i'm seriously sssooooooooo MAD!! 
so one of my friend pull the curtain, and then they shut up..
scarlet is also mad.. until she is crying! i tell her for not to cry, and it's our turn to make noise(but no as loud as them).. and one of them said: eh, ndak payalah bising bah d rumah Allah..
i was just saying like: bhe, malar ckp org, tpi sndiri tu..
and the person who said that is also the same person who laugh loudly..
so, they shut up and we pray peacefully..
so? know you know who are "them" right? just this for now.. by any chance i will write sonething again...

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