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Jah.. ~.~
Friday, 30 August 2013 | 0 Comments

ok, JAH..
she is our class clown..
she always make us laugh..
she is chubby, friendly and if course, funny..
why am i posting like this..
because she wants to move out from 1B to, SMSLD..
start next week, there is no class slown in the class..
the Berjayarians will miss you Jah..
at school, all of us shakehands with Jah..
and i hate this part, but i will keep it as a good memory..
almost all of us cried..
especially, Zatuu, Tasyuu, Lili and some more..
so, to Jah, don't forgot about us..
by any chance , please visit us...
just this for now..

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