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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 | 0 Comments

hello and assalammualaikum..
today i will tell you about Scholastic Books..
at this weeks' Monday(maybe,, i don't remember when is the teacher gave the paper)
there is a teacher came to our class..
she gave us two piece of paper about books..
what kind of books?
one piece of it is about novels,, and the another one is about kids book( i guess, cuz that is my opinion)
and,, when the teacher who is teaching us finished the teaching time,,
all of us is busy about the paper..
teah and me is also talking about it too..
there is many kind of colourful and interesting book!!
by just reading the synopsis,, i've attracted to FIVE difference book..
and all of them cost RM 97 and some cent, i forgot about that too..
(including the annoying 10% of postage..)
but,, i think it's useful to by buying English book..
by that way,, i can improve my BROKEN ENGLISH..
ok then,, i don't have any idea to write again..
so,, bye2 and Assalammualaikum..

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