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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 | 0 Comments

Assalammualaikum and annyeong guys!! so, long time no update my blog.. although i just update this a few weeks ago? nah.. i don't even care.. so.. no topic again! oh yeah! so, do you guys going anywhere this holiday? me? yes, of course!! I'm going to Semenanjung Malaysia!! why am i so excited? because, going there is so damn hard.. well, me and my family are going there because my uncle gonna held his wedding there at Johor.. and I'm so freakin excited!! I've never been there before.. i just go around K.L. and Malacca only.. and, i think I'm gonna make a road trip video just like Exo' Chen one.. it was like so freakin awesome!! i like it!! and i want to go to Kpop Garden where kpop merchandise sold.. i want to buy something for my besties like Teah, Scarlet, Fadhilah and Syaza.. i guess? two of them were a kpopper like me,, and another two of them are otakus(?).. yeah.. mm..  I'm gonna buy some mangga for the both of them..? if I've enough money to buy it.. so.. i think, till now then.. because I'm tired and sleepy.. Assalammualaikum,, annyeong!!

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