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Saturday, 26 April 2014 | 0 Comments

Assalammualaikum and 안녕하세요, 친구!! so, what's up? me? im fine.. hmm.. i dont know what to write -- ok, i'll tell you about this shirt that i've tell you.. that shirt arrived!! like, last week? i dunno, i forget it.. and i was waiting for a 1 *u**in month.. and i hate that moment.. "PENANTIAN SATU PENYIKSAAN" like that.. i received it when im ready to go to school.. i opened the parcel and i was like ' the heck?! kyaaaaaa~!'and im fangirling there like a-- and im 'kinda' satisfied with the service? duhh.. so,, assalammualaikum.. annyeong.. someone is watching me typing somethin' here and its weird.. gtg before he read this.. //gantung//

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