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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 | 0 Comments

assalammualaikum and annyeong~ long time no update my blog here.. just update it after exam and changed the blogskin.. and my exam result are 7B and 1C.. you maths, you are a spoiler =..=
btw, im so happy cause i got a laptop! i have a laptop before and it is small but my fudgin aunt take it from me, and wanna know what? its doesnt even reached a week she take it,that laptop broke.. hahah XD im happy for her.. damn you.. take my laptop and then you broke it.. ughh.. but i got a bigger laptop and the laptop that im using to update blog, change the blogskin is the one im using now.. tbvh, i like an Apple or MacBook laptop more cause i like to edit pictures a lot and its easier there then here.. ok then, wanna sleep first.. i am sastified with the blogskin :D
Assalammualaikum, annyeong.

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