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What's poppin??!!
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 | 0 Comments

Assalammualaikum,, annyeong~ woww,, its been 4 month since i update this blog.. and, in that 4 month, i get attracted by this boy band group again.. but this group is totally different from exo.. this group is a hip hop group.. and this group is //drum rolls// BTS!!
*note: it is not Behind The Scenes okay? Go search for this group!! seriously, go search it up!! So, i dont need to explain much.. * it all started when my friends at wechat post things bout bts.. i got attracted and search for all their videos.. the fun thing about this group is, they upload videos and pictures at utube and twitter a lot!! And, to tell you, it is hard to choose a bias in this group.. all of them are so talented ㅠ.ㅠ but, this one guy, who is called the group's hope, makes me like him!! The thing that i like about this guy is, he is like the happy virus in the group.. like how yeol is in exo.. and his aegyo, i cant resist it!! Lol.. idk, too much to talk about them.. and no group will take the exo's place in maa heart!! i think imma out now.. byeeee... assalammualaikum, annyeong~

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