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Friday, 27 March 2015 | 0 Comments

Assalammualaikum, annyeong readers~ forgot to mention, konnichiwa~ XD well, i've got interested with anime.. i'm done with my life lol.. so, it begins when Ame senpai *if i'm not wrong, bcz it's wayy back then* give me tokyo ghoul vids.. idk, it's soo amazingg aka sugoii~~ lols XD lemme show you my anims folder :-

soo many, rite? but i dont think it's enough meh.. the ones that's ticked are the ones that i'm still watching on like nanatsu no taizai/ tokyo ghoul s2 and already finish watching like anohana.. except for the first file which i accidentally tick //baka// can i say my self as an otaku rn??????? i'm still a kpopper of course but, who says that i cant be an otaku?! say that to me, then go kill yourself bish 
haha, what am i really doing.. well, maybe that's all.. gtg sleep.. my eyes are heavy rn -.- assalammualaikum, annyeong & konnichiwa~~

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