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Friday, 24 April 2015 | 0 Comments

Asssalammualaikum, annyeong everybody~ well, it's been a long time, isn't it? hahah XD i really don't have any time to update cuz i'm busy with school ( alasan lapuk ) i'll just tell you 'bout my latest activities, kay?  the things that i'll always do weekly is my tuition classes.. (it''s freakin hard to be a pt3 student T^T)i attend my tuition classes at weekends.. for the things that i'll do for this week and next week is going to a seminar(pt3 seminar to be exact) i'm really anticipating that seminar so much!! why? cuz i'll get some useful tips/formula on how to answer questions.. besides of that, i can meet some of my ex schoolmate from YC!! how is that don't make you feel happy? cuz i do :D
activities that i'll do next week is the school's sports day(which i'm not participating any parts of it).. i'm not that happy cuz all students attendance are a MUST!! it's some sort of time wasting and skin burning cuz i don't participate anything but just sit under the sun for two whole days.. HOW'S THAT WORTH IT?? meh, idc abt it.. after the school activities, i think i'm going to kk again!! ayeee!! but i think i'm pokai*run out of money*//sobs// whatever it is, as long as i'm happy!!
that's all for this essay.. assalammualaikum, annyeong~~

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