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Long time no see
Tuesday, 8 December 2015 | 0 Comments

i take this pic kay. ori from me lel

Assalammualaikum and annyeong~ its been a looooong time since i update right? biasalah budak pt3 ni.. it's almost the end of the year and 2k16 is coming pretty sanic fast huh.. btw this holiday, as usual we just went to kk.. but it's more fun cuz i video it, more selfies, more tudung, more beautiful places visited such as labuan and kudat~ in the meantime, i am attracted to editing vids/pics.. like tht pic, it was way darker before but i just somehow make it much more brighter to see.. i know, i'm not tht pro but pros do it by learning right? so yeah.. nothing much to say haha.. ending this now.. assalammualaikum.. annyeong

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