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holo 2018
Monday, 8 January 2018 | 0 Comments

assalammualaikum holo guys and wahmens
im sorry, my english is so broken right now but im gonna type anyways
soo, it is 2018 already, which means, im going to be 18?? im getting older but my brain is getting more and more childish day by day
2017 was a lot of fun
2017 was the year where i actually interact with everyone in my class, boys and girls, and some people out of my class
2017 was the year i met new people, get to knew a lot more people especially at the tuition centre
to be honest, i miss going to school, going to tuition but more importantly the people at that moment
another new addition to myself is that, i get to feel the excitement and wonders of love
i might as well do a dedicated post for him later? oh sure i will do it
2017 was the busiest year for me, for the few months before spm, i actually have to stay at school for the whole day, then rushed to the tuition centre. i mean im tired but i love it actually bcs it kept me busy all the time
i also kind of made a list in my brain; a list of things i would do after spm
but i ended up not really doing all of it
like last december, i said i wanted to do some study on photoshop and photography in general but i just sleep for the day
i should get moving bcs i need to be very independent when i further my studies.
and i need to be more of a kind person inside and out bcs i think ive been such a trashy human being.
hmm, i should stop here then. i need to do more chores asdhvadfhahdj
k bye

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